Jake Voracek tweeted a hilarious reaction to his two-game suspension

We’re right there with you, Jake.

Philadelphia Flyers forward Jake Voracek was suspended two games for interference on Johnny Boychuk, the NHL announced on Sunday. The fact that Voracek had a hearing was questionable, and the fact that it was more than just a one-game suspension was downright laughable.

Voracek agreed.

Voracek calls out Boychuk for pointing at him ‘like it was a WrestleMania”

The NHL Department of Player Safety tweeted out the suspension announcement at 5:31 p.m.

Voracek had an interesting tweet just 11 minutes prior, at 5:20 p.m.


Voracek likely had just heard about his suspension and took to Twitter, or it was merely a coincidence and he had just heard a very funny joke.

However, Voracek receiving a two-game suspension was absurd. Just last month we saw Kurtis Gabriel and Evgeni Malkin both suspended just one game for reckless plays against the Flyers. Gabriel lined up Nolan Patrick and boarded him, and Malkin tried to take out Michael Raffl by using his stick like a two-by-four.

Inconsistency reigns supreme as Voracek receives two-game suspension for interference

He received a five-minute major, was targeted by the Islanders for the rest of the game, and was even pointed at by Johnny Boychuk as he left the ice. A one-game suspension would’ve been acceptable, given the Senators game coming up tonight, but two games is too much.

Voracek was trying to protect himself from Boychuk, who was coming right at him. One wonders if there would have been any discipline had Boychuk ran over Voracek without the Flyer bracing for impact.

The Flyers host the Senators tonight at 7 p.m.

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  1. Head contact….am I the only one who doesn’t see it? Poor call and over ambitious suspension I have a big anxiety for when these two teams play again later this month. ….

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