Jake Voracek had a priceless reaction when he found out about his Chia Pet

The day has arrived.

That’s right, it’s Jake Voracek Chia Pet day!

The Philadelphia Flyers forward will be honored with his own Chia Pet, given out to all fans at Tuesday night’s game against the Florida Panthers. It’s the first of its kind for the Flyers, and it could be the first of many if it goes well — or at least two, because we all know Gritty needs one.

Voracek was on WMMR’s Preston and Steve show on Monday morning, and revealed he had a very Voracek reaction to finding out about his Chia Pet.


Fortunately, they had the censor button ready, but it’s still a great response.

Jake has had his fair share of f-bombs on his Twitter account.

Though he did censor his most noteworthy one.

Wishing his roommate, Wayne Simmonds, a happy birthday.

And of course about Bruce Springsteen, which WMMR also asked him about.

Never change, Jake.

You can listen to the entire interview with Voracek on WMMR here.


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